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Patreon Access

Patreon is often described as a pay-wall by people outside of the creative industry……

It is not the case!!!

Patreon is the way us creatives can interact with the wonderful people whom we create our content for in a controlled manner.

With pledges as low as $1 why not……

Patreon is a way for creatives to make an income in this world without being taken to the cleaners by some big overbearing company. It lets us make premium content without having to worry about our time being taken for granted.

If you’re not happy with the pledge/support that someones asking for then to put it simply…….. don’t!

But when all someone is asking for is $1, it’s not to make them rich, it’s simply a way to see how much interest there is in there work. So next time you see someone promoting their patreon page or subscribestar or ko-fi don’t see it as a pay-wall, people just want to see who’s interested.

Show me you’re interested by supporting all my games.