A place to get messy


All about me then I guess

Messy-est Mother F*cker you’ll ever meet! and that’s at her worst!

Ex-Landlord Lucas

My life has been a messy one. 2 years here another 1 over there and about 3 years inbetween at such and such a place and that’s just the ones worth mentioning.

Life gets boring if you’re in one place for too long


My dad is one of those old timey farts who was always saying, “oh back in my day it wasn’t like that” and that was when he was trying to help me with my maths homework. He looked after me but wasn’t very good at the mushy stuff so it was a long while before I even had any idea of what makeup even was so I grew up just being an odd one at school.

Then there was college! Now it gets proper messy!!!!

So when I was at college, I wasn’t at college. I was elsewhere having fun with my bf or gf or one-night-stands. Not at any surprise to me I failed college and ended up with nowhere to go, and no dad to go home to either so I ended up with a long time girlfriend, (much to my annoyance) though that didn’t stop me having a little extra messy time on the side.

It was around this time that I started doing drag. My long time girl friend introduced me to the world of makeup, wigs and dressing up and off I went. I didn’t know or care what was going on while I was dressed up just that I was having the time of my life!!!!

It wasn’t long before I was spending more time in drag than out of it and that’s when I realised I was Ruby and not George.

From then on I started transitioning and went as Ruby all the time.

It was then to and from my multiple doctors appointments and during my recouperation that I fell back in love with coding and non-linear stories.

So that’s kinda how we got here. Other than that I’m an open book anyway so feel free to ask away…….